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Heat Pump Blowing Cold Air In Gaithersburg

By Comfort Depot February 08, 2018

"My Heat Pump Blows Cold Air"

Gaithersburg Townhomes Heating Fixed!

One of the biggest issues with old heat pump systems is that when the outdoor temperature drops so does the ability of the heat pump to produce heat. The solution to this problem has been to energize the electric heater pack installed with every heat pump system, otherwise known as the emergency or auxiliary heat. This works to compensate for the drop in the heat pumps ability to heat, but unfortunately is extremely expensive to operate.

At DIY Comfort Depot we regularly get phone calls from customers stating that my heat pump is blowing cold air. Such was the case with this townhome in Gaithersburg, Maryland. The existing Bryant Heat Pump system was over 12 years old, 10 seer efficiency and operated on the now absolute R-22 refrigerant. The homeowner complained of cold air blowing out of the vents, high energy bills due to the auxiliary heat running all the time, and first floor which was never warm in the winter.

Diagram of how temperatures can vary for each floor of a home without a properly tuned Heating and Cooling System

Problem: Homeowners with older style Heat Pump Systems complain about very high energy bills, cold air blowing from vents and the temperature difference between the top floor and the basement. The homeowners were looking to save money on their energy bills and have a more comfortable home on all floors.

Solution: A new energy star Trane XR-16 Heat Pump System using the environmentally safer 410a refrigerant will provide a more efficient solution to the high energy bills, higher air temperatures out of the vents and the ability to adjust air circulation.

For this townhome, we designed a new Variable Speed 16 seer Trane heat pump system, along with ductwork modifications for the 1st floor to solve both problems plaguing the home.

The high energy bills problem would be solved with simply getting rid of the old 10 seer R-22 system and installing a AHRI certified 16 seer 13 eer heat pump system.

We did not stop at just replacing the equipment. That would still leave the unresolved issues of a cold first floor. First, we installed a new 1st floor return register and grille with a damper to allow the new high efficiency heat pump to capture the cold air sitting in the basement. The new heat pump system would then heat the coldest air of the home which the old system never accomplished. Secondly, we installed a new Eco bee thermostat with a room sensor which takes an average of two temperature points in a home.

After our installation the homeowners were delighted in the performance of the new Trane heat pump system. The whole installation process took just one day to complete! I know that the real delight will come when they get there first energy bill and see the results in the form of savings!

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