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The Good & Bad Of Goodman Heat Pump Systems

Who Is Goodman?

Harold V. Goodman started it all off in 1954 in the exploding city of Houston, Texas. Deciding to become an air conditioning contractor and create his own company. Harold could not have timed it better, launching his company right in the middle of a huge industrial upswing in a city that in time, would become one of Americas largest cities. Not only did Harold's company take off, his company became one of the most successful HVAC contracting companies in the United States. Goodman became a member of Daikin in 2012. Daikin Industries, Ltd. A global Fortune 1000 company Is a worldwide leader in residential and commercial HVAC.

Why Are Goodman heat pumps Good?

Goodman Is Investing In Quality & The USA- While many manufacturers have moved production of systems outside of the United States in an effort to save money. Goodman has made it a point to separate themselves from the industry in this aspect. With the creation of a new 4.2 million square foot, state-of-the-art HVAC manufacturing plant in Houston, Texas. This allowing Goodman to achieve engineering, logistics, customer service and manufacturing all under one giant roof. Therefore allowing Goodman to put money in the pockets of hard-working Americans, meanwhile having next level capabilities in design and customer service all taking place on American soil. Goodman truly believes in American dependability, all systems are designed, assembled and engineered in the U.S.A.

Overall Positive Customer Service- Compared to the industry, Goodman makes a significant effort to be known for better customer service. A very common review issue within the industry is the lack of customer service throughout all the manufacturers. Many people complain of insensitive responses from manufacturers. Many reviews claim that after a unit is sold the consumer feels a disconnect and lack of help the second a payment is made. Consumers claim that when an issue arises and a warranty claim does have to be made many companies are not exactly the easiest to work with on those claims. Goodman really has made it a point to do the best job they can to keep customer relations a positive and warranty claims an easy, smooth process. Reality is if your dealing with warranty issues those issues are not the consumer's fault. The process to fix a unit you paid good money for, should not be a burden to a consumer. That's how Goodman sees it. For being such a large company, Goodman truly does have the better customer service in the industry. But you have to remember no one is perfect and Goodman is an enormous company so of course cases are going to come up where people are not pleased. But let's face it, facts are its always going to be impossible to please everyone. Goodman even maintains a Better Business Bureau A+ rating. This is based on 16 performance factors reflecting Goodman's ability to work with homeowners and promptly handle questions, and issues.

Unit Prices- If your in the market for a system that does not break the bank, however at the same time not sacrificing quality Goodman has a system to fit your needs. Goodman is considered a more practical manufacturer within the industry. Now you have to remember these are going to be a more basic system than something like a Carrier Infinity system. But you have to remember the more high tech gadgets your system has, the better chance you have at one of those systems fail. Goodman heat pumps are workhorses, they are constructed to simply perform day after day while offering an affordable option to consumers.

Warranty Opportunity- Each Goodman residential system comes loaded with warranty opportunity. In January 2005 Goodman became the only HVAC manufacturer to offer a lifetime compressor limited warranty and lifetime heat exchanger limited warranty. Goodman takes pride in the systems they create and back that. On top of that Goodman also offers 10 year parts limited warranty and an optional 10-year unit replacement limited warranty available for some units. To revive any warranties you qualify for, online registration is required 60 days upon the installation date.

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Why Are goodman heat pumps Bad?

Past Restriction Policy Of Sale- Just recently Goodman has finally fixed their policy of sale. Due to a recent policy that allowed much less restriction on whom could purchase Goodman units. What happened is, Goodman was selling units to pretty much anyone who wanted one. This led to non-professionals installing these units incorrectly. This led to a pop up of negative reviews and complaints about the company. People do not understand when it comes to the installation of any HVAC unit. It ALL comes down to the installer. Most initial problems when first starting up a system actually have nothing to do with the system, but the installation. This regulation just allows a more professional standard for the industry.

Compressor Failure Issues- Upon taking a look at Goodman reviews as a whole. The most common issue that people seem to be vocal about is the failure of the compressor. Most of these reviews claim 6-8 years after installation some compressors are failing. That is just something that should not take place during that period of time. An explanation for this can be found, however. Around 2011-2012 Goodman had a large batch of faulty manufactured compressors get put in systems. 8 years down the road these problems are now starting to materialize. However, you have to remember Goodman does have a limited lifetime Compressor warranty if the time is taken to register the unit upon installation. So Goodman does have your back in this situation. Now a percentage of these reviews about compressors claim immediate failure within days of installation. The problem with these reviews are the fact in those situations particularly typically when that takes place it is because of something to do with installation error. Not in all cases, but you have to consider that fact when reading reviews.

Absence Of a Super High-Efficiency Heat Pump System- Goodman has a line up of great systems at amazing prices, one can't really argue that fact. Problem is you are limited to pretty much two models of heat pumps being the GSZ and DSZ and three different SEER ratings. that SEER rating maxing out at 18 SEER. Unfortunately if your a Goodman fanboy and in the market to upgrade to a super efficient 20 SEER + unit you are out of luck. It would be nice to see Goodman launch a top of the line 20 SEER unit that can compare to somthing like the Carrier Infinity 20. In a way, it is a hole in Goodman's market. If somehow Goodman were to put out a 20 SEER system that beats competitor prices they could change the super high-efficiency market. This is something some loyal Goodman customers and contractors would love to see.

Why choose a Heat Pump?

Heat pumps offer an electric alternative heating and cooling solution for your home. Heat pumps are perfect for mild climates and in those situations where natural gas heating simply isn’t available. Get your new Goodman heat pump installed by a Goodman in-home specialist at DIY Comfort Depot today!

Goodman gsx16 heat pump model

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Author: Chandler Dowling

DIY Comfort Depot Associate

Work does not feel as much like a job when your job is to help people! I love people and I love providing smiles better. Working with DIY I get to do just that. No matter your HVAC needs we have you covered! Simple, fast and easy is how we keep it and how you like it!

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  • My Goodman unit that was & install was about $6000 dollars & I was constantly calling the installer to come back out and see what’s going on with this unit.after continuous break downs & runaround from Goodman my unit now resides in the scrap yard. Beware

    Michael Evatt on

  • I got a coleman heat pump heat works fine but the air sucks want cool the house down at 75 out side and I’ve cut the air down to 68 it gets 73 in the house why is it not staying at 68 friend of mine has a miller heat pump he sets his on 68 and it stays cool in his house but my unit is 2.5 tons and his is 2 tons and his house is a little bigger if I knew coleman is junk i’d got some other kind of heat pump it was like that when I got the heat pump brand new still didn’t stay cool in my house and I had a professional put it in

    Ray on

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    Kaylene Nankervis on

  • We had 3 package unit 3 ton units with 15kv heat strips installed. This was years back 2 of the 3 units had many parts failure. The last scroll staged unit compressor failed twice. Coils leaked so bad acid formed in windings even after proper flush and 2 stage deep vac. Lost respect for reliability.

    Lonny Deel on

  • I have been installing Goodman for years. My oldest system is going on 10 years. If you go from r22 to 410a you need a new lineset. I have found a crapy install leads to callbacks and failed components. Taking your time and doing it right is the way to go. If you are taught wrong it wont last. All i have ever been called back on is from lightning damage or a lawn mower running into the unit.

    John Toler on

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